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Month at a Glance vs. Multi-Day Calendar Setup

When setting up a calendar, there are are two main types of organization you can use: Month-at-a-Glance or Multi-Day. Each have their typical use cases and positive and negatives. Learn more about when you might each type. you select the type of calendar setup under Events > Calendar Groups. Select the Green button to edit. The short video shows you how to edit the group.

Many apps will use a combination of the two types of calendars so that the main menu has a "Festival Calendar" and a "Monthly Event Listing" to distinguish the two types of views. Individual event listings can be added to multiple calendars. So, for instance, if you have a 5K race that is part of your week-long festival, but you also want it listed as a special event on your monthly event listing, you can do that. Just check the box for the calendars you would like it to show up on.

Now, learn more about each specific type of calendar.

Month-at-a-Glance Calendars show a full month at one time, and you click on an arrow to see the different months. Dates on which events occur are in chronological order with the event info below it. You can click on the event to find out more details.

This setup is typically used for your full calendar of annual events or those events that will last longer than 2 weeks.

Benefits of this type are that it is easier to see when there is just one event per day, you can quickly and easily see the item. You can have a brief overview of a month at a time. The calendar, when opened by the app user, opens to the current month.

Drawbacks (or reasons you might not choose this) are that it does not use filters/categories, fewer details for the event and app users cannot "favorite" an event directly from the monthly list (they can still favorite when clicking on the event and selecting it, but there is not a way to see those favorites in a list). However, when just trying to share a full year or several months of events, this is definitely the best option.

Multi-Day event calendars will show all of the days there is an event along the top and you have to click on the date to see the list of events for that day only. This is usually used for short-term events that last less than 2 weeks. For example, a fair or festival or weekend-long event would use this type.

Several features are available when using the multi-day set up including filters or categories for the event showing at the top (see the blue bar above that has "All", a Star, and "Live Music" so users can filter the events by type. Also, when clicking on the star to the right of the event listing, it adds it to their favorites list, which can be seen when clicking on the Star (the favorites filter).

The main drawbacks, or reason you would not use this setup, is that if you have many days (usually more than 14) the users must scroll on the date selector quite far to find the day they are looking for. This makes it difficult to use when showing a full year when you might have just a handful of events most months, then many events in a certain time of the year (like around fair or your festival).


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