January 2020 Preview

The winter months have not been quiet at Grandstand with many new launches, including music festivals, conferences, and trade organizations. Here are some samples of what we've been working on.

Medina 4-H Case Study

A 4-H county program, like any other organization has a constant issue of sharing information with all of the different groups seeking their help. Learn how Medina is tackling this issue in their county using Grandstand.

October 2019 Preview

The fall festivals and conferences continued in October with a number of high-profile launches and some major new partner announcements on the horizon. Here are some October highlights.

September 2019 Preview

Fall Festival season has picked up and Grandstand is being used to enhance the attendee experience of many of these great festivals. In addition, fun international events, such as the Hīkoia Te Kōrero event in New Zealand show how Grandstand is used around the world. Here are a few highlights from September

August 2019 Preview

August is one of the biggest months in Grandstand history with dozens of launches, and events. See some of the highlights.

Promoting Container Apps

Building you app is only half the battle. Whether you are launching your own standalone app or an app inside one of our containers, like Grandstand - Events & Guides or 4-H Now, you must spend time telling attendees about the app and how to easily find it.

July 2019 Preview

Dozens of launches are rolling out in July. See some of the latest.

New Templates Available

More than 50 starter templates have been released that will help our app builders get started quicker and launch quicker.

Create Your Own Holiday Lights App

New for the 2018 Holiday season is the ability to create your own Holiday Lights app for your city or neighborhood.

Making Apps Easier to Promote

Grandstand has rolled out a full suite of tools that makes it easier than ever to promote your app after you have launched into the App Store.

Survey & Live Poll Results – Sortable, Filterable, Searchable

Whether you are using Grandstand's Survey Module, Form-Creator Module, or Live Poll, you always have access to the raw data that was produced by your app users.

4-H Container App Released

Grandstand Apps has launched the newest addition to our growing container app family – 4-H Now. The newest container app is a collection of 4-H focused apps built by state, county and local 4-H groups. 4-H Now is the home for hundreds of county 4-H groups who are looking to build an inexpensive app for their fair and other events throughout the year.