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Setting Up Your Developer Accounts

For any stand-alone apps, Grandstand requires each entity to supply their own Apple and Google Developer Accounts. Here are instructions to set those up and how to grant access to Grandstand staff members:

Apple Setup

1. Review Requirements

The first step is to consult the list of Apple's requirements for a Developer Account. You can view the full list to ENROLL AS AN ORGANIZATION at

Please note that you must enroll as an Organization not as an Individual. The next step will walk you through D-U-N-S Number setup which many businesses do not already have.

2. Confirm or Apply for D-U-N-S Number

Apple requires a D-U-N-S Number to verify business & educational institutions.

If you do not have a D-U-N-S Number you can apply for one at

If you don't know if your business or educational institution has a D-U-N-S number you may look it up at

Once you have a valid D-U-N-S number please proceed to the next step. If you do not, please apply for one and move to the next step once you have your full D-U-N-S Number. This process can sometimes take multiple days.

3. Begin Enrollment on Apple Developer Site

Once you have a D-U-N-S Number you can begin the process of applying for a Developer's License with Apple.

You will need a valid Apple ID to create this account. In most cases this is a current Apple ID of a member of your team who also has an iPhone using that Apple ID. Since Apple ID's require Two-Factor Authorization it works best if you use an existing staff member's Apple ID.

Two-Factor Authorization is a security step that will send a code to your iPhone when signing in on the web. Once you are ready to begin you can sign-in at

Please note that your Developer Name should closely match your App Name or Apple may reject your app. If your App Name will not match your Developer Name please be ready to provide ownership information of the App Name you are using to Apple.

Complete Enrollment on Apple Developer Site

Once you have entered your Organization Name, D-U-N-S Number, and paid the $99 fee (free for non-profits) on Apple's Developer Site you will enter a waiting period where Apple will review your application.

This process can take anywhere from 3 to 10 days and you will not hear anything from Apple until you are approved or they run into an issue. Any communication from Apple will go to the email you registered with.

5. Grant Rights to Grandstand

Once you have been notified by Apple that you have successfully registered as a developer, you will have to grant Grandstand rights to access your account so we can submit the app on your behalf.

Login to and go to Users and Access.

Add a new user for:
First Name: Grandstand
Last Name: Apps

Select App Manager from Roles.

Then, under Developer Resources, check the box next to "Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles" and hit the "Invite" Button

Communicate Completion to your Grandstand Rep

Once you have invited Grandstand to submit apps on your behalf please let your Grandstand representative know that everything is setup. You are now past the hard part and Grandstand will take it from here!

Google Play Setup

Go to the Google Play Developer Console at sign up for an account.

Read and agree to the Google Play Developer distribution agreement. Pay the registration fee for your account.

Fill out your Google Play Developer Profile.

Go to Developer Account -> Users & Permissions -> INVITE NEW USER and invite Role should be Release Manager.


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