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Setting Up Your Developer Accounts

Any of our stand-alone app packages (App Package 2 and up) requires a developer account with both Apple (for release of the app on iPhone) and Google Play (for release of the app on Androids). We understand this is an additional step, but this is a rule set forth by Apple and Google to ensure that the company putting out content is the owner of that content.

Benefit of Developer Account

These developer accounts are a benefit to you in a two key ways:

  1. Branding. When you are the developer, it lends more marketing ability to the app. It proves to your client that you are publishing this information. It's also another way that your app users will be able to find your app: both the title and developer will be searched.
  2. Ownership. When you hold the developer account in your own name, it stays with you regardless of your app provider. Thus, if you decide to stop working with Grandstand, you will already have the ownership of the account and will not have to go through additional work to retrieve it from Grandstand.

Setting Up My Account

Next you might be wondering, how do I create my account? We have step-by-step instructions for you. If at any time you have a question, please let your Grandstand rep know or start a chat with us.

How much will a developer account cost?

The cost of the accounts is somewhat minimal. An Apple account is $99/year and Google is $25 one time. These amounts are paid directly to Apple and Google, not to Grandstand. If you are a 501c3 non-profit, with a bit of additional paperwork you can get the Apple fee waived.

Do I have to know how to submit the app myself?

No! Once you have established your developer account, you will add Grandstand as an administrator on your account. We take care of all of the submission and management of the app from that point. The only ongoing involvement you will have is to occasionally log in and accept new agreements or, if you don't set up auto renewal, renew and pay for the account on a yearly basis. But anything involving setting up the app, filling out information about the app, etc is handled by the team at Grandstand.


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