Grandstand Sites: A New Way to Build the Web

Grandstand is very excited to unveil its newest product: Grandstand Sites. To accompany our already powerful offering in the mobile app arena, Grandstand Sites provides clients the ability to easily build a website to go alongside their native app. With both the website and app powered by Grandstand Build, our content management system, you can save time entering content once and having it populated in multiple formats and in multiple locations.

By providing a single data source for both your website and mobile app, you save significant time by keeping the information the same across all information sources for your users. In addition, it provides a way to encourage co-involvement with website and app to ensure that your users stay connected in a variety of ways. Grandstand sets itself apart from other providers as the only company that is using a single data source to build both a custom, native non web-based app and a desktop-quality, responsive website.

This wasn't an easy task as Grandstand is passionate about the user experience. This means the same layout types could not just be used on both the app and website. App users want a button-centric approach with a centralized home page and compact designs. Website users want more open-space, and a menu-based layout with less of an emphasis on the home-screen experience.

All modules that would be useful in a website from Grandstand Build will be included in Grandstand Sites including calendars, interactive maps, full featured lists, surveys, lessons or quizzes, social media feed integration, coupons, and competition results. Of particular importance for ease of updating, the lists section allows you to include your member list, vendor list, list of classes, and more, and allows you to set it all up in just one location so that when editing it, it is updated in both the app and website. Graphics and images translate over perfectly from the app layouts to the web design.

The calendar information can be entered manually into Grandstand Build, or a Google Calendar can be integrated into the system further ensuring you have a consistent base of information that stretches across all your information platforms.

Forms and surveys that are included in both the app and the web will allow for the data to be saved in Grandstand Build, accumulated into one reporting source, to be accessible easily to view or download. Each form or survey can also be emailed as it is submitted. Similarly, if you set up a lesson with quiz questions, the responses to those questions can be saved within Grandstand Build to allow for you to review them. This is a great way to run your volunteer training through virtual means!

Maps is a powerful and useful tool when on a mobile device, similarly the web version of the maps provides a way for your users to plan their visit or research your locations from the convenience of their desktop. Map overlays, a graphic that can be blanketed over the top of a Google map, transfer beautifully to the web. These overlays allow you to prepare your own graphic representation of your grounds or area but still use the benefit of establishing latitude/longitude markers. All pins and their categories also translate, making the map a powerful tool in way-finding.

To help recognize and support their organization, many of our clients integrate ads into their designs. All ads and their placements translate to the web, giving you a way to help monetize your site and add value for your sponsors. Ad space in the app and online is a great way to entice supporters and recognize their important place with your organization.

A final important feature is the ability to see your website before it is live. Just like the app, Grandstand Sites provides a special preview website so you can have a live view of your website before it is published for the world to access. In addition, you can choose to have your site use a custom domain or it can be a subdomain of If you already own your domain, the process to transfer to Grandstand is as simple as logging in to your domain provider (ie GoDaddy) and changing a single field. If you do not yet own your custom domain, we will purchase and set it up for you, at no additional cost.

If you would be interested in getting early access to power both your app and website with shared content, please contact your representative or email us at

Grandstand Sites is an important update to Grandstand’s suite of services for a variety of clients including Fairs & Festivals, Conferences and Trade Shows, Trade Organizations, 4-H Programs, Malls & Shopping Areas, Tourist Groups and Museums and Galleries.

Grandstand was established in Lincoln, Neb., as a platform to build an app that could be as easy as building a website. Armed with a desire to make apps accessible to even the most novice of computer users, the Grandstand team crafted a tool that combined the simplicity of web-builders like WordPress or SquareSpace with a strong concept for how to showcase brands without giving up the benefits of a templated system. The platform is used by clients in nearly every state in the U.S., plus Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand and more. With Grandstand Sites, the platform has now come around to not only be as simple to use as a web-builder, but now can be used as a dual purpose app- and web-builder.


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