2024 Preview

2023 was an amazing year for Grandstand and all our app partners, but 2024 is looking even better! We're doing what we did last year - giving you a sneak peek into what's coming up in the early part of the year, with features and products for all types of app packages and all types of apps. Here's a quick rundown of what we've got planned for 2024:


Much of the 2023 news cycle was dominated by AI and after paying close attention to where the technology is headed, 2024 will bring multiple AI products to Grandstand. Starting with an in-app, knowledge base chat where questions can be asked to resources stored in the app like PDFs and content from schedules, lists, and custom pages. Rollout will start with select clients and slowly be made available in wider release.


We want every app user to have an experience that is unique to them and that is where a new "Near Me" functionality comes in. Adding to the "LIVE NOW" filter added last year, "NEAR ME" will show events close to where the user is currently, and either occuring at that time or starting in the next hour. Additional customization features will come in the form of in-app alerts that are triggered in areas beyond the map based on a user's location. By taking additional location snapshots of the user Grandstand will be able to build up a better heat map of your attendees anonymously to understand behavior at different times of the day or year. Finally, maps will get a true legend slideout that can intermix clickable and unclickable graphics from the map.


Grandstand wants every app to look as unique as possible while still getting the benefits that only a shared platform can provide. In 2024 we will give you home page template selections to make setting up or changing your home page as easy as selecting from a library of templates. Additional layout options will be coming to details pages on schedules and lists as well as the addition of new stock background and stock icons. In addition, every page in the app can share a background image instead of just a singular background color.


Regardless of the size of the event, sponsors and highlighting them in the app should be effortless. With the new auto-sponsors tool you will be able to add your sponsors to a list and then have them show up as automatically-generated ads throughout the app wherever ads can run. List pages will also be able to include featured listings at the top for sponsors, vendors, artists, etc. that might need a little extra exposure.


Scavenger Hunts will get the often-requested leaderboard feature to show top scores and finishers and the ability for those on top to be rewarded. Enhanced intro screens will also be added to scavenger hunts to get the user off to a better start. In addition, check-ins will be added to list and map pages to add a sense of community to participating apps.


Widgets were first introduced in 2023 and started to make a big splash in the third quarter of the year. 2024 will continue to see widget improvements including more style customizations and additional features like search.

In summary, Grandstand's 2024 updates are set to significantly enhance user experience with a focus on AI integration, location-based customization, and interactive features. The introduction of AI-driven knowledge base chats, the "Near Me" functionality, and improved map legends will provide a more personalized and intuitive app experience. Additionally, new layout tools and an auto-sponsor feature will streamline app customization and sponsor representation. Enhanced gamification elements in Scavenger Hunts and widget improvements will further enrich user engagement and interaction within the app.


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