Major New App Version Released

Grandstand is rolling out a major new update to its app platform with improvements on nearly every page in the app. The new release will allow Grandstand's events, businesses, and organizations to bring more of their brand assets and style into their app. Although the full list of upgrades is too many to mention, here are a few of the highlights:

  • The schedule page is always one of the most used pages in any Grandstand app, but now they will be even easier to use with the introduction of inline search to the page. The main schedule page also features reimagined filters that allow you to not only filter by categories but also by location. Photos have always been part of the event detail pages but now we have also brought this into the
  • Both schedule and list pages now show a thumbnail of the map location for that particular event, booth, or venue. This gives the user the ability to do some basic navigation without requiring them to go the full map. On the map pages, static, graphical maps have also been made easier to use with more consistency in zoom ability between the iOS and Android versions of the app.
  • Photo Filters have become even easier to setup, switching to a single unified size (1080x1920) that allow you to upload just one graphic, knowing that it will stay in proportion no matter the quality of your end user's camera.
  • PDFs are another major upgrade in this version, allowing for full search through the PDF and the ability to skip to a specific page in a multi-page PDF document.
  • Language localization has been taken to a whole new level in this version with a complete Spanish-language option. This includes changing the text everywhere in the app that the user might encounter, including dialog boxes, and altering times and dates to reflect local expectations. Additional languages are being added throughout the summer, including French.
  • Some packages will be able to expand their font options by hundreds. Grandstand is fully integrated with Google Fonts to allow any valid Google Font to be used in the app, giving you an even easier way to match your brand.
  • A frequent request through the years has been the ability to show photos to the user during voting. We've accomplished this by allowing some packages to add a photo to each single-choice option, providing contextual information to your user at the time of voting.
  • Finally, the reloading time for the app has been greatly reduced allowing our app users quicker and easier access. In addition, the opening of all interior pages have been sped up and the flow between pages is smoother and easier on all devices.

The platform has been rolled out to a number of Grandstand partners, including the Iowa State Fair and the Ohio State Fair. In addition, the main Grandstand - Events & Guides app and 4-H NOW has been upgraded, giving existing partners the immediate ability to preview what their app will look like with the new upgrades. Over the course of the next few months, every app will be upgraded to feature these new tools.

These new features culminate a year that saw rapid growth, including the addition of new festival partners like the Ohio State Fair, Arizona State Fair, and New Mexico State Fair, major music festival partners like Festival Estereo de Picnic and Solid Sound, and many more partners of all sizes.


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