Survey & Live Poll Results Enhancements

Whether you are using Grandstand's Survey Module, Form-Creator Module, or Live Poll, you always have access to the raw data that was produced by your app users. In fact many app owners had each response emailed to them directly each time a response came in which worked great when it came to forms that trickled in or were time sensitive.

But we always knew there was a better way to showcase the rich and powerful data that was being generated by these users. Earlier this week we released a new version of the survey results tool that gives admin users the ability to sort, filter, and search through their data in a beautiful table view. You can also export the data or copy it into your own Excel file for easy manipulation.

This means you can do a quick search through your feedback data to see how many times somebody mentioned the word 'Food' or 'App'. You can even sort the data by column to put the data in the format that makes the most sense to you.

All of these features are available to current and future users of our app, at any price point, whether you are using the $699 container version or a more-expensive stand-alone app version.


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