Grandstand's Web Widgets

Grandstand is proud to announce a new offering that enables you to easily bring your most important app content outside of your mobile app. Grandstand Web Widgets is a new product that was developed around our clients' needs to enter content once and show it everywhere. With Web Widgets you enter your content into the Grandstand Admin where it is not only part of your own mobile app, but also shows up in various layouts on your own existing website. This means you can include your event schedule, artist listings, sponsor groups, vendor and food listings, club information, and more by simply placing a few lines of code on your website. When you make a change in the Grandstand Admin that change is not only reflected in your mobile app but also on your own site.

Grandstand built our Web Widgets to take on the look and feel of whatever website they are included on. We enable you to match up certain areas of the widget to style tags that you are already using. We also enable you to fully control colors, sizes, and we even offer multiple layout choices in each type of widget.

The schedule widget includes date selectors at the top and layouts range from a very simple text-only widget (perfect for sidebars) to a more robust accordion-style layout that hides detail information until a row featuring title, time, and location is clicked on.

The list widget starts with a simple text-only widget approach and goes up to a grid-style layout with photos that flip over when clicked to show more details about that list item. This means you can create single pages on your website that showcase not only full lists of vendor, artist, club, information, etc., but also full details about each one including weblinks, full descriptions, and more.

Web Widgets is launching with the ability to bring any schedule and list in Grandstand Admin into your own website, and more widget types may be added in the future.

Pricing at launch starts at $500/year for two widgets of your choice each added to one website of your choice. Once purchased we provide a few lines of code for you to add to your WordPress, Squarespace, or homegrown custom-built website, and it typically can be added same day.

We will be releasing new layout options to each of these widgets periodically throughout the rest of this year so stay tuned for more announcements.


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