Give Your Users the Power of Notes

Whether you are hosting a conference, a wine tasting, or just presenting a new set of quizzes and lessons, your users want to remember things about your event. With Grandstand Notes you can now add note-taking ability to your apps on any List Items, Events, and even Custom Pages. This means your user can view a list of wines, and write a note about each one that will be saved in the app and viewable at any point. Users can even share the note to social media, a text message, or email to take their notes outside of the app.

This powerful tool adds a new level of interactivity and encourages users to follow up with vendors, check out a video from a presenter, or remember which lesson was their favorite. User notes are never sent to the server and will only remain on the device, guaranteeing security for users.

User Notes is being pushed with all new app updates to the App Store and is available for all packages of gold or higher. Any container apps using Grandstand - Events & Guides or 4-H Now will see this feature immediately.


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