New Color Palette Templates

Grandstand has always offered our partners complete color control of their apps, allowing creators to setup a 10-color palette that matches their brand. The process just got easier with the introduction of Color Palette Templates which gives creators the ability to swap all colors in their app at once. Quickly switch over your app to a fall palette, a warm summer palette, or even a green-centric palette. Once the palette has been set, all colors can be tweaked allowing you to customize with specific hex colors associated with your brand.

Partners in App Package 3 or higher can save existing color palettes to come back to at a future date. Simply give the existing palette a name, hit save, and a new reusable color palette will be created. This saving compliments our Snapshots feature to allow you to save a full layout and now also the color setup for event- or seasonal-specific needs.

Additional color palette templates will be added frequently, including industry-specific palettes. All color templates are available to all packages now.

Color palette templates have been added at the same time as a new Design Template feature that makes it easy to swap between full, pre-setup designs. Learn more about Design Templates here.


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