Leverage your App for the Best Sponsor Enticement

Ads and Sponsor Recognition is a key inclusion of any app. Using Grandstand, there are multitude of ways you can leverage the platform for either your website or app to recognize and feature your sponsors or ad buyers. Below are some ways you might consider including featured spots in your digital communications as a part of your sponsorship packages.

App Sponsor

The sponsor logo would be integrated into the main design of the app and displayed prominently on the front menu. Ads can be integrated into the logo, added as a rotating banner ad at the bottom of the page, or even worked into a menu graphic.

Schedule Page Sponsor

The Sponsor logo/ad will appear at the bottom of the page or before every date in the schedule as the user scrolls. The bottom banner ad can be a rotating ad and can work with most any size of horizontal ad.

Banner Ads

These are the small ad banners that can appear in any area of the app: custom pages, all lists or just certain lists, main page, map, or calendar pages. See the examples. One is from the Bloomington-Normal app that has a list of agents in the area and a paid advertisement at the bottom of the page. The other is the schedule of events in September 2021 in the Texas Horse App that is a schedule with the banner ad for the Facebook page at the bottom. Ads can be static or rotating (minimum of 7 seconds per view)

Full-Page Ads

Select packages can show full-page ads that appear before the opening of various pages in the app, including the schedule and map. The ad auto-disappears after a few seconds or can be dismissed by either clicking on the ad (to go to the sponsor website) or outside the ad.

Sponsor List

Feature all of your sponsors on a single page in a continuous list, a grid list of logos, or a hierarchal list with sponsors divided by sponsorship levels. Individual sponsor pages can include a logo, a description, link to website, link to social media, and even a thumbnail map location if tied to a specific location at your event. Coming in early 2024 is a new way to enter your sponsors in a list and have them output as banner ads across all pages of your app.

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunts can be used be used to feature sponsors as stops on the hunt. In the example below, scavenger hunt finishers are entered to win a Yeti cooler filled with prizes. Entries were required to visit the booths of the sponsors and enter a code they could only get from the booth. Once all stops were completed, the user filled out an entry form to be considered for the prize.


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