Q1 2023 - What We've Been Working On

One of the best parts about the Grandstand platform is that it is constantly evolving. During the first three months of 2023 we have been busy adding new features and polishing old ones to bring you a better app and admin experience. Here is a quick summary of some of the highlights with most recent updates listed first:


Photo Galleries

App Package 3 or Higher - Submissions after April 14, 2023
Create your own 3-wide photo gallery from a list in a style similar to Instagram with the ability to sort by tag, search on titles and captions, and even view a larger version with optional title and description. Setup is done in Lists by selecting Photo Gallery as the List Type. Read about how to setup Photo Galleries in your app.

Push Notification Open Tracking

All Packages - Submissions after April 6, 2023
We've added better tracking for when your users click on a push notification alert. As with all stats this is done in an anonymous way that can't be tracked back to individual users.

New French-Language Option

All Packages - Submissions after March 31, 2023
Our apps now support French, displaying dates, times, and all alerts/prompts in French to add to our English and Spanish support. Apps can add a second-language to their app for an additional fee which does require duplicate content setup but presented to the app user as a switcher in the side menu.

Full-Page Ads

App Package 3 or Higher - Submissions after March 31, 2023
Increase the revenue opportunities on your app with full-page self-disappearing and dismissible ads on almost any interior page of your app. Ads are tracked for impressions and clicks and can be shown for as small of increment as 3 seconds before disappearing. Setup is the same as banner ads.

Push Notification Deep Linking Improvements

App Package 3 or Higher - Submissions after March 29, 2023
Enhance your push notifications with deep links that will auto-open when your alert is clicked on. One click can open a schedule, individual event, list, map, custom page, website, scavenger hunt, reward, survey, or live poll. In addition, we've improved the Android alert experience to display a custom pop-up if received when the app is open.

Custom Page Backgrounds & Deep Linking from Uploaded Images/Graphics

App Package 3 or Higher - Submissions after March 17, 2023
Now you can enhance your custom pages with a full-screen background image that will stay locked while text, buttons, images, etc. flow over the top of them. In addition, images added to Custom Pages can now deep link to other areas of your app, like Schedules, Maps, Lists, or virtually any other page. The combo of these two features will allow many partners to create powerful interior landing pages.

Link to Reward/Coupon Tag Group

All Packages - Submissions after March 17, 2023
Link directly to a reward or coupon tag group, giving you the power to create reward/coupon groupings for things like flash sales, badges, or even different rewards for different events without having to link to the full reward/coupon list.

Map Background Styling Options

All Packages - Submissions after February 7, 2023
Adjust the overall look of the Google Maps background on your maps by selecting among the Standard, Retro, Dark, or Aubergine maps styles. You can even control how many street and city labels show up on your map by selecting Max Labels, Normal Labels, or Minimum Labels. This is a great new feature that allows you to brand the map better to your overall style!

Semi-Transparent Map Pins

All Packages - Submissions after February 7, 2023
We've added to the list of default pins you can use in your apps with a new semi-transparent map pin. This is useful for maps that may have existing markings and want to create a visible touchpoint over the top.

Multi-Level Map Switching

App Package 3 or Higher - Submissions after January 30, 2023
Allow your app users to easily switch between layers of a map or multiple maps in a set. This is perfect for graphical maps (in a multi-story building for example) or even multiple venues on a traditional map that may be located in separate areas of a region. All of it is controlled with a switcher at the top of the map pages with a choice of 4 icons to indicate what type of map switching you are allowing.

Customize Share Text + Control Break Point on Map Descriptions Pulled from Lists

All Packages - Submissions after January 27, 2023
You now have the ability to customize the pre- and post-share text for all shares from list and map. In addition, since so many descriptions on map pages are pulled from their linked list page automatically, we now give you the ability to control how much of your description text shows on the map page. Simply add 6 dashes (------) where you want the break to happen. It could be after the initial paragraph description, it could be after a custom address, or many other configurations.

Event Favoriting Customization

All Packages - Submissions after January 26, 2023
We've always called the personal itinerary a user creates "Favorites" but we realize that might not be what everybody refers to it as. Now you could call it "Itinerary", "My Calendar", "My Fair Schedule" or whatever makes sense to your audience. In addition you can now link directly to the "My Favorites" page (or whatever you call that feature) directly from the home page giving users even easier access to it and putting more of an emphasis on it.

Coupon Redemption with Form Completion

All Packages - Submissions after January 10, 2023
The flow has been improved on the coupon->form completion->coupon redemption process. If you have a form that is required to be filled out before you can redeem the coupon the messaging to the end user is improved to smoothly take them through the steps.


External Images on List Pages

Sometimes it's easier to include links to images that might already exist on your website than to go through and upload new images for each list item. Now you have a second option to include a link to an image and have it be pulled in and cached in the app. Available to all users in all packages.

Banner Ad Height Control

It's now easier than ever to control the relative ad height of your banner ads, giving you more than a half dozen choices that utilize standard sizing.

Upload Custom Map Pins

We've now made it possible for you to setup your custom map pins. Simply go to the Map Tags/Pins area to download a sample pin file and see how easy it is to add your own custom-branded pins to your app. Available in App Package 3 or Higher

Survey Passwords

Add your own password temporarily or permanently to a survey, form, or live poll. By requiring a password you can more easily test a survey before making it public or keep it password-protected to only make it available to a select crew. Available in all apps updated since July 14, 2022.

Language Switcher

Change the language used in your app with the new App Language switcher on the App Basics page in Grandstand Admin. Choose among English, Spanish, and French (not available in all apps). Everything from date formats to system pop-ups will be changed over to that language. Apps wanting to add a second language option to their app can do so with prices starting at an additional $500 per year.

We have a lot more underway that we will be rolling out during the rest of April and May. Stay tuned for more information including a couple of major feature announcements.


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