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How to add or edit event or schedule items

The schedule is one of the key pieces to any event app. Your visitors want to have correct and fully detailed calendars. You can include as much or as little info as you would like, but the more the better. With Grandstand's new calendar layout, images are also a key component of the schedules. Following are instructions to get you started editing or creating new event listings.

1. Log in to Grandstand Admin at (use your email addresses & password, if you forgot your password just tap the "Forgot Password" button)

2. Once the Dashboard opens for your App, you can find the Events Section. In the left hand menu, find Events -> Add/Edit Events.  After clicking on it, you will see the full list of events that are in the app.

3. To add a new event, click the blue "Add Event button in the upper right OR To find the one you want to update/edit, click on the green button to the right of that item. 

4. The details dialogue box opens for that event. You can change the date, time, location, category, etc. The schedule info used on this app includes:

  • Event Title
  • Category
  • Event Date
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Description (No description here, but you can include anything here, bios, info on the event venue, directions for attending, etc)
  • Location: all of the locations are first added to the map, if you have additional venues to add to the map, you have to add those first
  • Image LInk: The images are linked to the image on a website. You can right clicked on an image on a website to get the image address or you can have Grandstand upload photos to the server and we provide the image address for you.
  • List Items: This is a selectable list of any items that are added to the lists. In this case, we have the lineup added with info on the artists and they can select it here. When you look at the lineup on the app, you will see that the schedule for that artist is shown on their info page.
  • Other items you might want to include in the info are a YouTube video that shows at the top of the detail page, a weblink to more info on the performer/event or ticket link, or a link to a custom page in the app. If an event recurs every day, week or month on the same day, you can enter the # of times total it occurs and select the type of recurrence.

5. Once all info is updated, click on "Save"

6. Once you are done making updates to event items, make sure to click the "Update Events in App" button in the upper right corner. This updates the event list to the app. To check the app updates, do a hard close of the app (when on the home screen of your phone, swipe up, then swipe up on your app in the rotating carousel of apps). Open the app and you should see the updates. This just forces the app to update immediately. the server seeks changes about every 2-5 minutes so users on the app will have changes update to their app eventually. 


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