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Create a Scavenger Hunt

Although these can be used for Audio Tours as well, this tutorial will focus on setting up a Scavenger Hunt.

Create a Hunt & Set the Rules

  • In the Left Menu, select "Scavenger Hunts/Tours > Manage"
  • Click ‘Add Hunt or Tour’ and give the Hunt a name (shows at top to user).
  • select the type (Scavenger Hunt) and enter the Code Entry type, which will be ‘Show & Require Code Entry’ in most cases.
  • Then select the Redemption Name (Clue for Scavenger) and select an Image Style (or leave blank if not using images).
  • Next, if you would like to provide a link to a preexisting map of locations select the corresponding Map or mark ‘Don’t Show Map’.
    Please note that this map must be setup in the ‘Locations’ area of Grandstand Admin and not in Games.
  • Once that is done mark whether or not this hunt will be using Geofencing. Please note that Geofencing is only available in all Gold, Platinum or Custom packages.
  • Finally, associate coupons and rewards with different levels of completion of the hunt. This is done on a percentage basis and is not tied to specific stops or an order. For example, if you have 10 stops and select a coupon to unlock after 3 stops you would mark 30 percent complete. Please note that all coupons are setup in Coupons & Rewards in the Grandstand Admin.

Add Scavenger Stops

You can add up to 20 different stops for every Hunt. To start hit ‘Add Scavenger Location’ and enter the following:

  1. Name: See example.
  2. Scavenger/Audio Group: Select group created in step 1.
  3. Description: See example. This text may include a description to help find the location or a question that needs answered.
  4. Location: Choose from a list of existing locations.
  5. Validation Code: See example on right. Must be numeric code or word (capitalization does not matter). All answers much match exactly.
  6. Coupons/Rewards: Not available on all apps but can provide immediate unlocking of a reward or coupon by correctly validating a single stop.

Update to the App

When you are ready to go or just want to test out your progress hit the ‘Update Scavenger Hunt in App’ button in the top right of most Scavenger pages. To access the hunt in the app you will need to either have it linked to an icon, a side menu link, or a button on a Custom Page (this option not available to all users).

Tweak Scavenger Design

Fonts & colors -> Scavenger Hunt/Quiz

After viewing a sample page of your Hunt in the app you may want to tweak some of the colors. This is done in Scavenger/Tour Design and the options are many.


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