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Create a Scavenger Hunt

Although these can be used for Audio Tours as well, this tutorial will focus on setting up a Scavenger Hunt.

Setting up a scavenger hunt Is a simple process, prior to setting it up in the Grandstand Admin, its important to follow a few preliminary steps:

  1. Determine where the stops will be, identify the location, and come up with a clue for the location.
  2. If you would like the stops shown on a map, make sure to set up a map to include those stops (can be on a map of its own for the scavenger hunt or included in a general use map for the app as a whole).
  3. If you will require geofenced confirmation of the person’s location when they mark the spot as visited, identify the precise latitude & longitude.
  4. Take photos of the stop or a clue to help the visitor find the spot, the photo helps the visitor and makes the app more interesting!

Create a Hunt & Set the Rules

In the Left Menu, select "Scavenger Hunts/Tours —> Manage"

Click ‘Add Hunt or Tour.’ A dialogue box will open in which you will enter all of the information needed for the settings of your hunt. Fill out the following:

  • Hunt or Tour Name: Give your hunt a recognizable name. (I.e. “Christmas Gnome Scavenger Hunt”)
  • Type: Select the type (Scavenger Hunt or Audio Tour). In this case you will select Scavenger Hunt
  • Code Entry: Select either ‘Show & Require Code Entry’ or ‘Do Not Show or Require Code Entry.’ In most cases you will want your scavenger hunt stops to require a code for your users to enter to prove they were at the location. If you select ‘Do Not Show or Require Code Entry,’ the scavenger hunt location will just have the image and clue for each spot and to move to the next location the user swipes left/right.
  • Redemption Name: For scavenger hunts it is always ‘Clue’
  • Image Style: You can select which style of photo to include on the stop page. Either a round image at the top, a square image at the top or a full-width photo.
  • Completion Order: Select how you would like your users to engage with the stops in the hunt, ether ‘Open-Ended’ so they can complete in any order (swipe left/right to move through the stops) or ‘In-Order’ where they have to finish each stop in the specified order.
  • Map: If you would like to provide a link to a preexisting in-app map of locations select the corresponding Map or mark ‘Don’t Show Map’. Please note that this map must be setup in the ‘Locations’ area of Grandstand Admin and not in Games. If you are requiring visitors to be within a certain radius of the location, you must have a map location set up.
  • Location Confirmation: If you would like to confirm with geofencing that the person completing the stops is physical at that location, you would select ‘Require Location Confirmation for Redemptions with Lat/Lng.’ You must also require a code entry for a geofenced location confirmation to work properly.
  • Rewards: Finally, associate coupons and rewards with different levels of completion of the hunt. This is done on a percentage basis and is not tied to specific stops or an order. For example, if you have 10 stops and select a coupon to unlock after 3 stops you would mark 30 percent complete. Please note that all coupons are setup in Coupons & Rewards in the Grandstand Admin.

Add Scavenger Stops

You can add up to 20 different stops for every Hunt. To start hit ‘Add Scavenger Location’ and enter the following:

  1. Name: Select a name for the stop
  2. Scavenger/Audio Group: Select the scavenger hunt group created in part 1.
  3. Description: Provide a full description that includes a clue for the location and what to do once at the location. This text may include a description to help find the location or a question that needs answered.
  4. Location: Choose from a list of existing locations if you would like to include the stops on a map.
  5. Validation Code: Must be numeric code or word (capitalization does not matter). Answers must match exactly. You might ask a question in the description that is answered once at that location. An example might be: "Find the statue outside the main building on campus. What is the first name of the artist who created the statue?" The validation code would be the first name.
  6. Coupons/Rewards: Not available on all apps but can provide immediate unlocking of a reward or coupon by correctly validating a single stop.

Update to the App

When you are ready for your scavenger hunt to go live or just want to test out your progress hit the ‘Update Scavenger Hunt in App’ button in the top right of most Scavenger pages. To access the hunt in the app you will need to either have it linked to an icon, a side menu link, or a button on a Custom Page (this option not available to all users).

Tweak Scavenger Design

Fonts & colors -> Scavenger Hunt/Quiz

After viewing a sample page of your Hunt in the app you may want to tweak some of the colors. This is done in Scavenger/Tour Design and the options are many.


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