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Creating Alert Groups for Push Notifications

Allow your users to control which push notification alert groups they would like to subscribe to with the addition of Alert Groups that have just been added to the Grandstand Build (previously a request-only feature). For example, maybe you want to create a special group for users interested in concerts and want to receive notices about changes or ticket specials. Or maybe you want to create a password-protected opt-in for vendors at your event allowing you to communicate just with this group. To begin setting up your Alert Groups go to Alerts -> Manage Alert Groups.

To Create Additional Alert Groups:

  1. From the left side menu select Alerts -> Manage Alert Groups
  2. In the Upper Right “Add Alert Group”
  3. Enter the information for the Group:
    • Enter the title of the group. This will be included in the list that people can choose from in the app when they want to opt in or out of certain alert groups.
    • If you would like your users to enter a password, add password protection to your alert group opt-in on the dialog screen. If added, the user will be asked for a password to fully signup for this alert. Password can be changed at any point and will not affect existing users who have signed up.
  4. In the Upper Right, click “Update to App”
  5. Repeat for as many alert groups as you would like.

You now have your alert groups set up, and you need to allow your users to opt in to those groups. All opt-in for the alerts are done by the user on the Alert Management page so please make sure you have the Alert Management Page added to your app in the Icons/Menu Management area of Grandstand Admin. Please note that by default all users who agree to accept alerts will be included in the Default Group.

To add Alert Management to your Menu:

  1. From the left side menu select Icons/Menu Management
  2. In the Upper Right, select “Add New Menu Link”
  3. Enter the information for the link:
    • Icon Name should be something like “Alert Management”
    • Icon Location you can choose from Main Area or the Side Menu
    • Link: Alert Management
    • Alert Management Page: Default Alerts Page
    • If you are putting the menu item on the main area, select a graphic or icon.
  4. Save and in the Upper Right Corner click “Update to App”

You should now have Alert Management set up in the app for your users! Now, when you send an alert, you will select the group to send to (first line of the push notification alert dialogue box). If you want to send to multiple groups but not all users, you will have to send the alert in 2 batches.

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