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Setting up Google Calendar to Sync with Grandstand

When setting up your Google Calendar to sync well with Grandstand, there are four primary areas to be pay attention to. Use the following to set up your Google Calendar and it will be sure to sync well within your app.

Title: This is the title of the event that will be used in Grandstand.

Date & Time: Grandstand can accept start dates with defined start times or all day events as well. We can also use multi-day events in Grandstand.

Location: If you have a list of locations that you would like us to match to locations you have setup in Grandstand we can do that. If not the location will just be listed as a name only. We just have to have the location in Google Calendar match the location name in Grandstand EXACTLY. If they do, then when you click on that location on the map it will give you a list of events at that location and when you click on the event listing from the schedule, it will give you the option to find it on the map and get directions to that location.

Description: Now that we can bring in HTML content you can get creative with this area. You can setup lists, add images, etc. and it will all get brought into Grandstand for your event description



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