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Create a Quiz

Step 1. Create a Quiz & Set the Rules
Quizzes -> Manage Quiz

The quizzes built on Grandstand share the same easy to setup functionality as our surveys but share a look that is more similar to our Scavenger Hunts with one question per page. To begin setup hit ‘Add Quiz’:

  • Quiz Title: Used only for internal reference purposes. The app icon name will determine the name at the top of the quiz.
  • Scored/Unscored: You have the option of scoring the quiz and reporting the score at the end of the quiz or leaving it unscored and just showing a message at the end of the quiz. If scoring, the user will only get one opportunity to answer the question correct. Unscored quizzes require the user to get the answer right before continuing. After each incorrect answer on unscored quizzes, custom hint text can be shown to help the user figure out the correct answer.
  • Show Correct Answer: Used only for scored quizzes, this gives you the option to show the correct answer immediately when the user gets it wrong or to never show the correct answer to the user.
  • Allow Quiz Reentry: Enabling this option allows the user to retake the quiz as many times as they would like with an option to retake it after completing it each time.

Add Quiz Questions

Click on the pencil icon next to the Quiz you would like to add questions to. You can add up to 20 different Questions to each Quiz. To start hit ‘Add Question’ and enter the following:

  • Quiz Question Title: See example below
  • Question Text: Here is where you would ask the full question or give any other background necessary for the user to help give the correct answer.
  • Hint Text: Only shows on unscored quizzes as a popup when a user gets the question wrong.
  • Correct Answer: Mark which of the options is the correct answer
    For ‘Single/Multi-Choice Selection it will be the option number. You can even have multiple answers be correct by including a comma (and no space) between each number (for example “2,4”).
    For ‘Single-Line Text Response’ it will be the verbatim answer you are looking for (example: ‘15’ or ‘Hulk Hogan’).
  • Response Type: Set the level of correctness that is necessary in the response. “Minimum” for multi-choice means that the user just has to have one of the possible answers correct. “Minimum” for text entry means that the user just has to have text entered for it to be correct. “Exact” for multi-choice means that they must have all the options selected. “Exact” for text entry means the text must match exactly.
  • Question Type: Just like with surveys, you can choose from multiple options.

Once you have added the questions you have the ability to reorder them by dragging them around.

Update to the App

When you are ready to go or just want to test out your progress hit the ‘Update Quiz in App’ button in the top right of the Manage Quiz page. To access the quiz in the app you will need to either have it linked to an icon, a side menu link, or a button on a Custom Page (this option not available to all users).

Tweak Quiz Design
Fonts & Colors -> Scavenger Hunt/Quiz

After viewing a sample page of your Quiz in the app you may want to tweak some of the colors. This is done in Scavenger/Tour Design and the options are many.


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