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Adding Photo Filters to Your App

Adding photo filters to your app adds a way for your users to be able to take photos as memories and give you a way to share your brand. You can add as many filters as you like. It is simple to do and allows you creativity in how they might look.

To create filters for your app, you have options for how they look and you can layer up to 3 different layers on the filters. Although most filters need only a single layer.

Layers can be:

  • Top Aligned: These should be cropped at the bottom of the image
  • Bottom Aligned: These should be cropped at the top of the image
  • Full stretch: Should not contain text as they will stretch to fill various screen sizes.
  • Middle Aligned
  • Left Aligned
  • Right Aligned

As you add layers, they can overlap. Process to create filters is:

  1. Create your graphics. Images must be saved as .png file to maintain transparency. the size should be no smaller than 20 px and no larger than 2000 pixels wide. Background or border-type images can be free to stretch.
  2. Save your graphics as .png files.
  3. You will open Photo Filters > Manage Filters and click on “Add Image/Graphic” in the upper right.
  4. Click Choose File and upload your images (one-by-one)
  5. Once your images are uploaded, click on “Create New Photo Filter” in the upper right corner.
  6. Fill out the information:
    • Name of your Filter
    • Click the box next to “Active Filter” to make your filter available in the app.
    • You now select the graphic and location of the filter graphic. If you are layering filters, keep in mind the order. Layer 1 is the base and Layer 2 & 3 go over the top of the layer below it.
    • Save
  7. You should now see a preview of your filter in the list. If you are happy with it, Click “Update to App”. Check it in your app.

Included below are some starter graphics just to use as guides for sizing if you are looking for a bottom-only graphic, a top-only graphic or a full size graphic.


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